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Thailand | 2012-07-02 18:19:23
Pasak Jolasid Dam Lopburi

How to go From Lopburi downtown, travel to highway number 3017 (Lopburi-Khok Toom-Patananikom) which is about 48 kilometers to Pasak Jolasid dam.
Season All year.
Seeing The first thing tourists expect to see in Pasak Jolasid is a long train running along a big lake which looks really like it is floating there. This kind of impressive picture can only be seen there in Thailand. And if you visit there during November to December, you will see beautiful yellow sunflower fields along the way going to the dam. Moreover, if you are impressed with a horse cart like in Lampang, there is a horse cart service here in Pasak Jolasid for you too. It will take you to see beautiful sceneries all around the dam.
Facilities: In Pasak Jolasid dam, there are 3 kinds of accommodations which are single houses, twin houses, and townhouses. The prices are 500-1,200 Baht a house. Around the welfare houses of the dam, there are grass field and camping area. Moreover, there is Samosorn Pasak Jolasid dam restaurant to serve you too.
  • Pasak Jolasid Dam Tel: 0 3649 4243
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