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Thailand | 2012-04-27 16:56:55
Taon Ngachang Waterfalls Songkhla

How to go From Hat Yai downtown travel to Phetkasem highway, Hat Yai-Rattaphum way to the kilometer 15th. Then turn left at Ban Hurae district. Go along the street about 13 kilometers more to the end of the street, you will see Taon Ngachang waterfalls which is 26 kilometers far from Hat Yai district.
Season The end of the rainy season. The beginning of the cold season.
Seeing Taon Ngachang waterfalls are in Taon Ngachang wild animal protection area, Songkhla. It is complimented as the most beautiful waterfall of the south of Thailand. There are 7 series of steps. The most beautiful step is the third which is called Taon Ngachang. Taon is a dialect means waterfall. It is eminent because there are 2 streams falling through the cliffs look like beautiful and amazing tusks. So, the local people named it Taon Ngachang. You can enojoy these waterfalls’ beauty every season, but in the rainy season it is pretty dangerous because of the risk of southern monsoon.
Facilities: Inside Taon Ngachang waterfalls there is a way walk into the forest that you can enjoy the tropical evergreen rain forest which is still perfect. Also, you can learn how the wild animals live closely. No wonder why there are many different ages and genders of tourists here. The waterfalls are not only beautiful, but the way to get to the waterfall is also convenient. There are a road, and the transportation service from Hat Yai downtown go directly to the waterfalls too.
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