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Thailand | 2012-04-17 15:16:02
Mae Ya waterfalls Chiang Mai

How to go From Chiang Mai traveling by high way number 108 (Chiang Mai-Jomthong). Before getting to Jomthong District, there is a crossroad on the right to high way number 1009 (Jomthong-Yord Doy). About 500 Meters there is a paved road on the left to national park protection unit at Mae Ya waterfalls about 14 Kilometers.
Season Every season. The best is the cold season.
Seeing Mae Ya waterfalls are complimented to be the most beautiful waterfalls of Thailand. It is at the south of Inthanon national park. They are the big waterfalls which are 280 Meters high. The water floating through small rocks in different levels about 100 Meters wide going to the Ping river. During the cold season, the waterfalls are very beautiful. Apart from clean water, there are the colors of deciduous dipterocarp forest shedding leaves along both sides of the path to the waterfalls. It is the attractiveness of nature that we should not miss.
Facilities: Below Mae Ya waterfalls, there is a view point which the tourists love to take pictures there. At national park protection unit, there is a convenient restaurant with inexpensive prices too. For the adventurers, there is also a cycling activity. The road is 17 Kilometers along beautiful rice fields. Any genders or ages can do it. It takes about a few hours to Mae Ya waterfalls.
  • Inthanon national park Tel 0 5326 8550, 0 5326 8577
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