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Thailand | 2012-07-02 18:12:00
Lake of Sirikit Dam Uttaradit

How to go From Uttaradit downtown, travel to highway number 1045 which is about 58 kilometers passing Thapla district to Ban Phasom village then you will reach Sirikit dam.
Season All year.
Seeing Sirikit dam was allowed to name after Queen Sirikit. It is the biggest earth-fill dam in Thailand. Around the dam, you can visit “Saun Sumalai” a big park which has various kinds of plants with Su Sangsawang sculpture, “Sapan Khwan” the only rope bridge which crosses Nan river in the dam, “Plang Kraset Sathit” a demonstrable agriculture field for community development where the tourists can do exercises among the beautiful scenery. Other activities you can do there are boating in the dam, biking, or playing golf.
Facilities: There are 3 kinds of accommodations in Sirikit dam which are townhouses, single houses, and floating houses. The prices are 600-3,000 Baht. Around information center, there is a camping area for those who would love to do camping. Also, there are Rabiang Nan restaurant, Ruen Rimnam restaurant, and club house restaurant.
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