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Thailand | 2012-08-08 19:34:58
Koh Samui, Angtong Island Group, Forever Famous

How to go From Koh Samui island, the agents will pick up the tourists at Hna Ton harbor. Then it takes 50 minutes boating to Angtong island group which is about 32 kilometers from the northwest of Koh Samui.
Season All year, but in November-December it is a monsoon season. The tourists should ask tour agents or boat services before traveling.
Seeing After traveling all over Koh Samui, mostly the tourists like to visit Angtong island group before the end of their trip. Actually, it is one day trip, but if you prefer to stay over night, you can find the accommodation at Wuatalab island. The most famous activity of this boat trip is visiting the best view points of Wuatalab island at Saladdai and Chan Charat view points. Moreover, at Wuatalab island there is Ka bay where you can swim and enjoy a beautiful beach with white sand. Also, you can visit the only lagoon of Thailand in Mae Koh island, kayak under natural stone bridge near Samsao island, dive and see corals at Tai Phao island before traveling back to Koh Samui. For Angtong boat trip, you can contact the tour agencies at Hnaton harbor, but if you would like to be more comfortable and convenient traveling on a big boat with good facilities, you can contact Sea Tran Discovery.
  • Angtong Island Group National Park Tel: 0 7728 6025, 0 7728 0222
  • Sea Tran Discovery Tel: 0 6682 8844. Koh Samui Office Tel: 0 7724 6068 or http://www.seatrandiscovery.com
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