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Thailand | 2012-08-08 19:17:03
Bangpakong, Watching Dolphins

How to go From Bangkok, travel to Bang Na-Trad steet, cross Bangpakong bridge. Then turn back passing Bangpakong Powerplant and turn left at Takham temple. After that turn right passing Golf Royal Lakeside to Takham local administration harbor which is about 2 kilometers.
Season All year, but if you would like to see dolphins, you have to go there during November to February.
Seeing Boating in Bangpakong, you can see the nature, local lifestyle, and old buildings along the river. You can take the boat service at Sothornwararamworawiharn temple landing, or Talad Ban Mai landing. Along the way, you will see Komkhunmaruphongsiriphat’s royal household, old wall, old business center at Talad Ban Mai market, historical temples such as Chinese Prachasamosorn temple, Sampataun temple, Sothornwararamworawiharn temple, and going ashore at Phobangkhla temple, seeing more than a thousand fruit bats flying during dusk. This trip takes about 25 kilometers. Moreover, during November to February, there are a lot of tourists who visit Bangpakong river because they are looking forward seeing Irrawaddy Dolphins or Ayeyarwaddy Dolphins in Orcaella brevirostris Family : Delphinidae, which usually swim there. The tourists can contact boat services at Takham local administration harbor.
  • Takham local administration Tel: 0 3857 3411-2, 0 3822 8408-9 (Information section)
  • Bangpakong Chater Service Tel: 0 3851 4333, 08 4646 3996, 08 9666 4266, 08 9669 9792 or http://www.bpkcruise.com
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