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Bangkok | 2012-04-20 09:52:55
Top Destination Bangkok 7

Location: Thanon Phra Ar-thit by the Chao PHraya River. Originally was a community as long as the city establishment, this area is the center of administration, art and culture with old palaces, courtier's residence and homes of the commoners. Interesting are: Pom Phra SUmeru built in the reign of King Rama I along the city's outer wall to the Chao Phraya altogether 14 forts with only 2 Phra Sumeru and Mahakal remain. Baan Chao Phraya Originally was the palace of Prince Sathit Damrongsawat, son of King Pinklao and later made into Office of the Police department before Prince Karob requested a grant for house and land it was then called "Wang phra Ong Chao Kamrob" Baan phra Ar-thit or "Goethe" - a structure of Thai-German style originally was a palace or a courier in the reign of King Rama V-VII and made into a meeting place of art-lovers before became an office of a private company. A lot fo Lamphoo trees were plenty here it was so called Bang Lamphoo.
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