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Thailand | 2012-08-08 18:49:24
Bang Lan Dam Yala

How to go From Bangkok, follow Petchakasem highway to Yala. Then travel to highway number 410 (Yala-Betong) which is about 140 kilometers. After that at the 46th kilometer, there is a crossroad to go to Bang Lan dam which is about 12 kilometers.
Season All year.
Seeing Bang Lan dam may not be a destination for adventurers because Ban Lan dam is a place for boating along the lake to enjoy the nature and beauty of Halabala forest, the richest forest in the south of Thailand. When you get up in the early morning, you will see white mist covering the top of the green trees. Moreover, from Bang Lan dam you can go outside to visit other places in Betong district too. You can visit Phraphutthathamprakad pagoda, Piyamit tunnel, geyser, and big gardens.
Facilities: There are 2 kinds of accommodations around the dam. First, guesthouses of Bang Lan dam which are 6 styles such as a big house for a family, or small houses. Also, there are restaurants, meeting room, and karaoke. Second, private resorts and guesthouses near the
  • Bang Lan Dam Office Tel: 0 7328 1063-6 ext. 2109, 2205, 2206
  • Pak Bang Resort Tel: 0 7321 1059, 0 7321 1774, 08 1894 2072
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