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Thailand | 2012-07-02 18:58:13
Ratchapapha Dam Surat Thani

How to go From Surat Thani downtown, travel to highway number 401 (Phunphin-Takuapa) passing Phunphin district to the 57th kilometer at Ban Takhoon district you will see a sign telling you to turn left which is about 12 kilometers more there will be a crossroad to turn left and you will get to Ratchpapha dam.
Season All year.
Seeing For the tourists, you need to decide what you would like to see because there are many different tourist sites. For example, there are some harbors for floating houses like Phae Nang Phrai floating house where you can see the ocean of mist surrounded by limestone mountains in early morning which looks like Guilin, China. Toan Toey floating house is there for those who love caves. There are Nam Talu cave, Siru cave, and Kang Kaw cave. Kraisorn floating house is for people who love animal watching and seeing the most beautiful sunrise point. If you prefer to join every floating house, you can pay for a boat service to bring you there too.
Facilities: In the area of Ratchapapha Dam and Khao Sok national park, there are guesthouse for the tourists in different parts such as Ratchapapha guesthouses, Khao Sok national park guesthouses, Khor Sor. 2 protection unit guesthouse, and 3 floating houses in the lake which are Nang Phrai floating house (Khor Sor. 3 protection unit), Toan Toey floating house (Khor Sor. 4 protection unit), and Kraisorn floating house (Khor Sor. 7 protection unit). Every area has restaurants.
  • Khao Sok National Park Tourist Service Center Tel: 0 7729 9150, 0 7729 9151
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