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Thailand | 2012-07-02 18:51:04
Wachiralongkorn Dam Kanchanaburi

How to go From Kanchanaburi, travel to Tedsaban Umphor Tongphaphu street to a big intersection, then turn to highway number 323 (Kanchanaburi-Tongphaphu). After that travel to highway number 3272, passing a cement bridge crossing Kwae Noi river and you will find the crossroad to Wachiralongkorn Dam.
Season All year. If you visit there in summer, you will be able to see Wang Wiwekaram temple, old temple which is under the water.
Seeing Wachiralongkorn Dam or Khao Lam Dam does not only have a beautiful sunset or sunrise, but also there are many interesting places to visit such as health park, Ruam Ruethai park, Somdet park, or you can take a boat to see around the dam. Moreover, there are many tourist sites near the dam such as Rang Sattha wood bridge, Gerng Krawia waterfall, Dai Shong Thong waterfall, under water Wang Wiwekaram temple, 3 pagodas, Songkalia river rafting, and elephant riding along Runtee river.
Facilities: There are a lot of resorts around the dam. But if you want to get the real atmosphere from the dam, there are big guesthouses, row houses, meeting room, and restaurants in Wachiralongkorn Dam too.
  • Wachiralongkorn Dam Office Tel: 0 3459 9077 ext. 2501, 2502, 2506
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