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toby | 2012-04-19 20:47:46
Our Favorite movie called "Shallow Hal" The next evening I went to the rock and met my girlfriend Benz. She was very pretty but ignored me. I thought she had no interest in me. But her curiosity was peaked because I was drinking water and not drunk. So we talked a little bit and danced a little bit. After I asked her out for lunch for the following day she surprised me and went back to my hotel. I was actually feeling disappointed because now I was wondering if she was a bargirl and by this point I never wanted to meet another bar girl again. This is the video I took the following day after we leave the hotel to go meet her friends for lunch. The same friends I saw at the disco. I take some audio from our favorite movie which we have watched at least 50 times together. Getting studio approval is a nightmare. But our relationship is encapsulated by our times spent together and easily reflected by this one video because of the sound track

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