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toby | 2012-04-19 20:35:45
This is Nicha and me at her friends house before we went to the amusement park. I’m actually very nervous meeting her friend. Her friend turned out to be nice and hot but I was not really attracted to her. Well by this time I had met three good thai girls Jesse, Mam, and Nikky Berry. But I felt that I could not trust anyone after getting burned by all the bullshit in Pattaya. I was very distraught on what I should do next. Just as I was thinking of going back to America another good lady I met on the internet called me and convinced me to come to Ubon Ratchathani. And after I got there and met her I was very happy that she was so nice that I decided to stay in Thailand. Here is the video I took of my arrival in Ubon by airplane and my first meeting with Nicha. Remember this entire story in this blog is based on my first time experience in Thailand. I was excited be with normal people for the first time in Thailand! But what do you do when you travel a far distance to get away from the city and find normal people? You look for ladies who DO NOT WANT TO HAVE SEX OR ASK MONEY FROM YOU!!

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