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toby | 2012-04-19 20:24:36
Later that evening we went to Ratchada Soi 4. No bar girls or tourists here! Another new experience as are all my experiences you see here on video.

These photos are of some people I saw there.

Update: Ratchada is a big place with many different venues - Thai discos, massage parlors, clubs and eateries. I am going to start out right away by saying it may not be your scene at all but I think it is worth checking out both for some food, rubdowns and the partying. I have two suggestions for the best way to experience Ratchada to ensure you have a good time. Take at least one of your buddies with you so that it is at least two of you exploring together that way you will not feel like the lone ranger. In fact 3-4 of you is even better. Basically jump in a cab and tell the driver you want to go to Ratchada Soi 4 - to say 4 in Thai it is like saying "see". This will take you away from the Sukhumvit area towards Ratchada. If you are hungry I would suggest hitting the seafood place on the left hand side as you proceed down Ratchada away from Sukhumvit. You can tell the driver you want to eat seafood and tell him to take you to where the Giant Lobster sign is. Be patient about ordering since many of the service people barely speak English and usually the head waiter or waitress will take your order but the people are very friendly. These places stay open very late and many people in the Thai service industry(massage girls) and characters from the Thai mafia like to go here after to work to eat and drink. Yes - you can drink at these places all night since the so-called curfews rarely apply to large Thai eating/drinking establishments. So back to Ratchada Soi 4. As you enter the main complex you will have to wind around a bit to take the whole place in but it is a bunch of stand alone or joined together bars/clubs all with a similar theme. Live music or DJ music or both on some nights, tables, and a bar. Most Thai places like this don’t really have a dance floor so to speak or a big bar since you tend to take a table with your friends, get a bottle of whiskey(plus mixers) and dance around your own table. That is the Thai scene for the most part. Some of the music can be pretty good or lousy so you have to walk around and poke your head in a few places to see what you like. Some of the bands are pretty good and even famous Thai bands like The Clash play soi 4 but generally you will only hear them play Thai music.
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