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toby | 2012-04-19 20:23:17
Sequence of images of testing the advertising display at the top of Baiyoke Tower at sunset. Sometimes they displayed text : "Designed by L&G" and "Hello Pippy Jung". After spending the day with Jesse I met another goodthaigirl from off of the internet whom I had talked to via webcam for several months. Her name is Mam and one of the nicest ladies in Thailand. We went to Baiyoke tower. Someone may wish to stay at the Baiyoke Hotel! Eighty five floors 304 meters, 997 feet tall! - The antenna on the building was erected in 1999. - The building has a public observatory on the 77th floor and there is a possibility of sky walk. This is Thailand's first and only open-air, 360 degree revolving roof deck, located on the highest floor of the building, open daily from 10.30-22.00 hrs. - A 673-room hotel occupies floors 22 - 74. - Upon completion this tower became the tallest building in Thailand and Southeast Asia, and the third tallest all-hotel building in the world, surpassed by Burj Al Arab.

Pretty spectacular! Mam doesn’t like to have her video taken but I took it anyway. The most important thing that stuck in my mind at the time was she was afraid a stranger or anyone for that fact could take her picture and black mail her. I have since learned that is a succinct possibiltiy in Thailand but happens more among the ranks of police, military and government be them individuals or persons colluding and abusing thier power for financial gain. If your rich in Thailand do not become close friends with anyone above you who has authority over you! Unlike you would do if you lived in the United States or Western Europe.
Online Videos by Veoh.com Several Baiyok buildings are here and are not tagged on Google earth. But you can see the tower pretty good!
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