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toby | 2012-04-19 20:17:20
Before coming to Thailand this second trip I met Nikki Berry a famous Bangkok Fashion Designer on the internet and we made friends. After I arrived in Thailand we talked on the phone a few times and when we met at the The Emporium (Bangkok’s most expensive mall) I had a lengthy interview with her about what kind of man she would like to marry. I was very surprised she let me take her video. She is a very nice lady. I didn’t realize how famous she was until she took me inside some stores and showed me her collection. She also asked my advice regarding a display of handcrafted jewelry. I was pretty impressed. Later while I was in Ubon about three weeks later Nikki wanted me to come to Bangkok for her birthday. I had declined the offer as I was on the train to Surin with my new girlfriend Benz to check out the disco there. You will see a video of some hot singers taken at the disco a little later. The song in the slide show is another exceptionally beautiful song I used to listen to help heal my heart and its worth you clicking on. It's very good!

Online Videos by Veoh.com Take a look at several tags on google maps earth here.
View Larger Map Bookmark and Share UPDATE: It has been two years since I interviewed Nikki and I decided to do a search on Myspace and found her page and video.. here is the video! I will add her as my friend and see if she will join the website but she is in London now and I suspect she is married. I suspected she had a boyfriend when I met her because her new website had a UK owner. Well I hope the both of them are very happy! make up
Hello world!
IF your in London please visit her spa! Update June 12, 2008 I sent her an email that no doubt her husband has received because I have not heard from her and she has not been on myspace for many weeks now.
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