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Thailand | 2012-07-02 18:28:26
Kaeng Krachan Dam Petchaburi

How to go From Bangkok, travel to highway number 4 to the intersection to Petchaburi downtown. There you will see Tayang intersection. Turn right to Tayang district. After that follow Liab Klongchon street which is about 30 kilometers to Kaeng Krachan district. Go straight 4 kilometers more you will find the national park office.
Season All year.
Seeing Kaeng Krachan Dam is very famous among those who live in Bangkok because it is not too far from there. Kaeng Krachan dam is very beautiful with nature and sceneries. There are a lot of activities to do such as driving along the dam to see great sceneries, taking a long boat around the dam, watching beautiful sunset, having fun on rubber boat in Petch river, and watching an ocean of mist in the morning with beautiful sunrise. This is a reason why Kaeng Krachan is famous for holidays.
Facilities: There are many kinds of accommodations near Kaeng Krachan dam such as resorts, guest houses, homestays, single houses in the national park, and camping area. And many kinds of restaurants, you can pick the cheap ones or the ones which are close to the lake, so you can eat fresh fish from Kaeng Krachan dam.
  • Kaeng Krachan National Park Tel: 0 3245 9293
  • Guesthouses of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand Tel: 0 2436 3179, 0 2424 4794
  • Kaeng Krachan Country Club Tel: 0 2618 7400-1
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